Daryen Granata

Daryen Granata is a 21-year veteran in maritime law enforcement/search and rescue. In addition, he has been involved in the fire service for 26 years. He began his public safety career in the fire service in 1988. Granata then enlisted and was active duty in the United States Coast Guard from October 1995 to January 2000. He functioned as a federal boarding officer, boat coxswain and supervisor to a duty section that responded to maritime law enforcement and search and rescue along the Maine coast. Granata is still active in the fire service today as a lieutenant for Scarborough Maine Fire Department.

In January of 2000, he joined the City of Biddeford Police Department. In Biddeford he was a patrol officer, and in the summer months, he was assigned to the coastal waters as the marine patrol officer. In January 2002, Granata was hired by the Maine Marine Patrol (MMP) as a marine patrol officer. In March 2003, he received his U.S. Coast Guard Captain license. In 2006 Granata was promoted to marine patrol specialist where he was assigned as captain of one of the large patrol vessels used primarily for offshore resource protection. In 2008 Granata was promoted to sergeant with the Maine Marine Patrol and supervised the area from Portland to Kittery.

Granata’s career with the Maine Marine Patrol includes involvement with commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries and boating safety. He has been involved in numerous high-level security details such as Presidential and dignitary protection among other homeland security missions. He has also investigated some of the state’s most high-profile resource protection cases and participated in numerous search and rescue cases and coordinated with other agencies on complex incidents and searches. Granata was also the lead instructor in maritime tactical watercraft operations for the MMP.

In August 2011 Granata joined the Saco Police Department to work with their marine unit and pursue his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In 2014 Granata was promoted to detective at Saco PD. He is currently a board member for the Maine Harbormasters Association and continues to be an instructor for the NASBLA BOAT Program. Granata is certified as an instructor in many disciplines (Maine state certified firearms instructor, interactive use of force instructor, active shooter instructor, defensive tactics instructor, tactical watercraft instructor, pepperball instructor, and a certified Emergency Medical Technician/ Firefighter) and is still active as a firefighter and EMT.